I’m Back…

I’ve been quiet for a while now.

I needed a little break from the social media and blogging world.

It was nice actually. Quite peaceful. I was able to mentally declutter and focus on the things I needed to.

But something called me back. Not to Twitter (I just don’t see the point personally). No, it was my humble little blog that called.

I had a reminder that I needed to pay for my yearly web address rental. At that point it made me question my small creation. Do I continue with the blog? Should I just focus on my personal writing goals? Is anyone reading it? Does anyone even care?

It was the thought of waving goodbye permanently that pulled me back. It’s strange how things that were never there before so quickly become a permanent fixture in your life. It felt strange not to be blogging about stuff.

One year ago I made a commitment. I was going to share our experience of cancer and caring with others. It might only reach a small number of people but that didn’t really matter. If it spoke to one person then my work was done.

After falling ill myself with pneumonia earlier in the year I know how massively helpful personal blogs and forums can be when you are struggling with something big. It helps to hear how other people have coped or to see that there is quite literally a light at the end of the tunnel.

So I’m back. #writing #beatbloodcancer #hope

P.s. I am also working on a very exciting new project too. More news of that to follow.


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