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Big Decisions

I made a big decision this week.

It’s not one that I need to reveal on a blog post or want to share with the world but it was very important to me.

Sometimes you have no choice but to shake things up and take a risk. It’s not easy when you’re faced with a difficult crossroad but it’s absolutely imperative not to ignore it.

Over the last year or two the importance of happiness and positive thinking has been at the forefront of everything I do. I have encountered personal difficulties unlike anything I’ve ever faced before and have been left floundering around in the aftermath. But the one thing that has remained for me is the power of what staying positive can do for your wellbeing.

It’s easy to let life weigh you down, to dwell on the negative, to think why the flip is it always me? But the truth is nobody knows what personal troubles people are fighting. And no bugger gets away scot free. These times come along to challenge us and shake our core but if you can find the strength to get through them, pick yourself up and dust yourself down then the rewards will follow.






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