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The Wow Moment!

So Living with Myelo is back.

Honestly it nearly didn’t make it.

I’ve been getting reminders from WordPress for a while to renew my domain but I kept putting it off. I haven’t really engaged with my blog for about a year. I’d like to give you a good solid reason for this but I can’t. The honest answer is I don’t know. Perhaps life got in the way? Maybe I just wasn’t feeling like a writer?

Something clicked for me this weekend. I had a bit of a WOW moment. Behind the scenes much has changed for me lately (which I will tell you more about in future blogs). I started a novel two years ago which I still haven’t finished but I also began writing a non-fiction book. It’s funny but when you tell people this is your goal they kind of look at you strangely as if they don’t really know what to do with that information. I can read their faces – she really has lost the plot now. What is she on about? What the heck is non-fiction?

Well this book came out an idea I had and then debated with a good friend about 12 months ago over croissants and coffee one Sunday morning. When I told her my idea, she was excited and wanted to talk about it. We chatted about what I could include and I ran home to write an outline. When I wrote, the words flowed and came naturally. I loved writing it.

Then as ALWAYS happens I started to procrastinate. Life got in the way and I lost my mojo and desire to keep writing it. I’d dip in and out but the commitment wasn’t really there.

In recent weeks, I’ve returned to my little book. I’ve dusted it off, restructured the outline and told myself this needs to be finished by Christmas. This story needs to be shared and told now.

At the weekend I attended a writer’s workshop with my favourite publishers Hay House. I saw it advertised randomly in June. And before I could talk myself out of it I had bought myself a ticket. This event then became my goal. I would go to this and motivate myself to finish the work. This was it.

As I was sat listening to the speakers on the final day I realised something pivotal. They were talking about social media platforms and having an audience. And we were all nodding our heads thinking ‘oh crap!’

Well that’s it then, I thought. I’m a complete unknown with no following – nobody will want to read my book because I hate Facebook and I can’t be arsed with Twitter. I actually felt totally disheartened.

And then the moment came. You have a blog Jude! You are published by the Huff Post! You were chosen as an ambassador for Psychologies magazine. You write professionally and get paid. When Bloodwise (who have asked you to write a blog  since but you still haven’t done it) shared your blog, 75 people commented, 651 people liked it and 57 people shared it. You absolute donkey you are about to let your domain name and blog disappear into cyberland forever.

I kid you not – the 12th of November was my blog expiry day. Call it what you like, divine intervention, a message from the universe, a coincidence but something yesterday made me save this blog. Something reminded me about why we set it up, about why I decided to write about our lives in the first place, about what its purpose was. I lost that in amidst the stress of recent years but thankfully something jolted me back here.

The response from friends who enjoyed following Living with Myelo before has been absolutely lovely. Thank you all for your support. I will as promised be blogging every week now and hopefully sharing more of our life with Myelo with you. Please do share if you want our story to be told and more people to benefit from our words and support. Without this the book won’t happen and I think it’s definitely a story worth sharing.

Love Jude xxx



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