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Now Time

Happy Sunday people! Today I’m feeling inspired and motivated to get my first book draft finished. I had an amazing day with my wee family at the Dorset coast yesterday and I’m feeling refreshed and raring to go. 

Two weeks ago I attended a very inspiring and motivating event. When I look back it really was a magical and uplifting experience and I still can’t believe that I was there.

Each year Hay House UK hold a Writer’s Workshop. People from all over the country (and Europe it turns out) gather to listen to speakers and writers from the publishing industry. It’s an event packed with advice and support for anyone who is thinking about writing a book or has an idea in the making.

I stumbled across this little gem earlier in the year when the author of a book I was reading about building a business mentioned Hay House as her dream publisher. I had read books from this publishing house before and knew about Louise Hay but I had never really joined the dots or thought much of it. Something that day made me sit up and listen so on reading this I did what I always do when I get thinking – I googled them!

Out of this little search came the event I had been looking for all of my life but hadn’t ever found. A two day workshop with the chance to submit a book proposal at the end of it. I quickly phoned my husband and his response was overwhelmingly positive. ‘Book it! Before you talk yourself out of it!’ Ah he knows me so well that one!

So I only went and booked it! Most unlike me. I’ve honestly always avoided writer’s events before. I’m actually very scared of sharing my work with others, and even though I am a pro writer now I still have that feeling that someone might find me out soon and throw me out of this special club!

The event itself was fantastic. I sat and listened for hours to inspiring speakers who were talking about the one thing in this world I never tire of. Writing floats my boat. I do not have a great attention span but something about this topic draws me in and keeps me engaged. The people who attended were all genuinely lovely and there was a happy, supportive vibe in the room. Totally not what I expected.

So how has this helped me? Well, I have a deadline now! I actually need to write a book proposal and submit it before March. There were 300 people at the event. The CEO of Hay House admitted that probably only 100 people will submit their ideas. Every single proposal will be read and given feedback. How can I not do this? 

But the main thing this has done for me is that it’s made it real. I know I will publish my work soon. I can feel it in my gut. It might not happen overnight. It could take a long time. But it will happen. The biggest thing I learnt that day was that publishing books is not just about talent. It’s about a whole host of other things: social media, fashions, audience appeal, sale-ability. This kind of list makes the obstacle of publication seem even larger but what it’s shown me is that when I get rejected (because every writer does) I just need to let it roll off me. I need to keep trying. Knock on doors until they open my way. Because the word NO is not really a reflection of me and my work. It’s actually a not now. The truth is I’m pretty convinced that we all get our NOW moment eventually.

the time is now
the time is now – motivational reminder on a green sticky note

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