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Watch and Wait

It’s hard to let go of old habits. We grow up creating a plan for ourselves and when that’s disrupted it can be very distressing but adapting to your circumstances is so much more important for your quality of life than clinging onto a past dream.

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Now Time

Because the word NO is not really a reflection of me and my work. It’s actually a not now. The truth is I’m pretty convinced that we all get our NOW moment eventually.

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The Wow Moment!

The response from friends who enjoyed following Living with Myelo before has been absolutely lovely. Thank you all for your support. I will as promised be blogging every week now and hopefully sharing more of our life with 'Myelo' with you.

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Big Decisions

Sometimes you have no choice but to shake things up and take a risk. It's not easy when you're faced with a difficult crossroad but it's absolutely imperative not to ignore it.

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I’m A Mother and I Choose to Work

Being a parent is a huge responsibility and one that as women instead of mercilessly judging and 'mother bashing' one another, we need to work together to be more sympathetic of.